E-Course and Baptism

Summary of Events

E-1 & E-2

Equipping Courses (E-Courses for short) are a weekend event that happens once every 3 months at Oceans. E-1 will begin on a Friday evening at 6pm during the scheduled weekend. E-2 will be Saturday at 9am lasting until around noon. E-1 kicks off the sessions with a teaching about walking in victory in Christ and what it means to be saved. E-2 goes over the function of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. These classes are required for anyone who wishes to take up a leadership role in the church, whether it be a U-Group leader, part of the worship team, or another area of leadership. All E-Courses are held in the church sanctuary.

E-3 & E-4
E-3 & E-4

E-Courses 3 & 4 are a weekend event that happens once every 3 months at Oceans. The E-3 lesson starts at 6pm on the scheduled weekend and goes over sanctification and the role it plays in the life of a believer and the importance of grace. E-4’s lesson begins that Saturday morning at 9am and details the purpose of our service to God as believers. The teaching includes an overview of evangelism, our church structure, U-Groups, and the importance of training up leaders. All Equipping Courses are held in the church sanctuary. Completion of these courses is required for anyone in the church who’s seeking a leadership role at Oceans


Anyone making a confession of faith is welcome to get water baptized. Sign up at the Welcome Desk at church or fill out the form above to receive a certificate of baptism, or just come out and join us the day of! We have extra clothes for anyone who wants to get baptized.