House of Transfiguration

This is a facility that helps transform women to get renewed and retrained.

Why We Want to Reach Women and Offer Them Help

When we work in the streets we find so many women, desperate for change, desperate for a new life. So many are eager to accept Christ as their personal savior, some get baptized in the Holy Spirit. Many even get jobs and relocate to camps that are away from the bad elements to try to save money for a home. So what is the flaw in this plan?

Very simply put even after salvation these women need complete retraining. They are so far removed from society that they have no clue how to get a job, much less keep one. They need a completely structured and scheduled environment in which to learn how to develop a relationship with Jesus and grow into a functioning adult in the workforce. They will need to be set free from addiction, and this will be attained through Christ by attending Freedom Forever and working closely with a FF mentor. Teaching them how to make a resume, how to interview for jobs, how to dress for a job interview will all be part of their retraining.  In the midst of all this practical work they will have to be taught that the past is the past and they are forgiven and washed in the blood. They have to understand to leave shame and guilt at the cross. The next step is to re-train their thought process by learning how to renew their minds in the Word.


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