Evangelism Team

Our evangelism team goes out with a purpose to not only share the gospel, but to create disciples.

The Real Mission Evangelism

Reaching the lost, the hurt, and the broken is of the highest importance to us here at Oceans. We have a three fold approach to evangelism. We have an Evangelism team that meets throughout the month and goes out in the community. We have a each one reach one challenge for the entire church and we do Oikos evangelism. 


Every person has an oikos. Your oikos consists of all the people you are surrounded by daily, people including family, friends, coworkers, and even the person as the cash register. These are the people we can reach out to. Oikos evangelism has proved over the years to be the most effective way to reach the lost. 


We challenge every member of the church to find someone that they don't know. Our challenge is to reach out to a stranger over a one year period. You can take this year to share the love of Jesus with them. One person a year is a challenge we all can take.

Meet our Evangelism Leaders

Bryan & Erin Thomas


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